Quartzsite Santa's Workshop Art & Craft Show

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This is the first year that the Friends of the Food Bank will be running the show.  It was started by the Quartzsite Business Chamber and ran successfully every Thanksgiving weekend for several years.

All proceeds will be donated to help our local food bank.

We are working to make this year bigger and better than ever!

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Call Nancy at 360-635-1367 for vendor information.

Donate to the Quartzsite Food Bank

Download Application & Rules

Santa's Workshop Application & Rules (doc)


Santa's Workshop Application

 SANTA'S WORKSHOP Arts & Crafts Festival Exhibitor Application
 Saturday, November 24th - Sunday, November 25th, 2018 10:00am - 3:00pm Located at Tyson Wells on the corner of 121 Kuehn & Hwy 95 in 

Quartzsite, Arizona
 Exhibitor Name______________________________________________    Phone_____________________________________________________
 Mailing Address______________________________________________     City________________________State____________Zip____________ Email___________________________________________________

 Arts and Crafts Categories:  Handcrafted Only. Please circle which best describes your product:
 Jewelry        Baskets        Photography        Paintings           Pottery Wood            Leather         Knit/Crochet      Quilt/Fabric      Clothing Other (Please Describe)______________________________________________________

  Set up is Friday from 2:00pm till 7:00pm or Saturday morning at 7:00am
 Fees:  8'x10' - $25  or   5'x8' - $20     

*Plus an item for the raffle (Please donate something  you would give as a gift to someone or you'd like to win)

  You will need to provide your own tables and displays. 

 This is a Christmas shopping event so we encourage you to dress & decorate your booths festively.

  Please mail application with payment to:    

Nancy Nichols 

PO Box 277 

Quartzsite, AZ  85346 

Any Questions Call 360-635-1367

A Few Rules for Santa's Workshop

 A few rules to make sure we all have fun and provide our customers and visitors with a memorable shopping experience:

All items must be hand crafted.  No commercial, flea market or wholesale type merchandise

  No blocking or setting up displays in the aisles or walkways.  Keep all doorways clear.

  Keep your booth space clean & tidy and dispose of your own trash upon tear down.

  No smoking inside the building or within 20' of any doors (per Arizona State Law)

  Be polite & courteous to your neighboring exhibitors.  Do not encroach in their space.  

No swearing or yelling.

  Do not leave prior to 3:00pm or begin tearing down prior to then.  Even when it's slow, There are frequently last minute shoppers & we don't want to give the impression that the event is closed before it actually is.

  The restroom is available to exhibitors. Please keep it clean & report any problems to one of the staff.

  And speaking of staff, we are all volunteers, so be kind to us.  Report any problems to one of us.  Please offer any ideas or suggestions you have for improvement for this event.

  And last, but not least…  HAVE FUN!

  Thank you so much for being a part of this fun filled, festive event.

  Nancy Nichols 360-635-1367 Email: gotyorx@yahoo.com