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The Friends Of The Quartzsite Food Bank was started in 2015 because we saw a need to help supplement the items received by the local Quartzsite Food Bank county program.   In 2017 there was a need for the county to turn it over to a non-profit and so FQFB is now operating as administrator for the Food Bank.

We are a 501c3 non-profit. All the money we raise is used to help the Quartzsite Food Bank. The board members do not receive any salary.   

The items we purchase are important staples that are often not supplied by our distributors. They have difficulty receiving eggs, meat items, daily staples and often fresh vegetables.   

 The Quartzsite Food Bank serves a community of many seniors, young families with children who live below the poverty level.  Disabled adults are also among those that we help provide food for.  Individuals need more than just canned and packaged food. They need healthy protein and vitamins only obtained by providing fresh items.   


The Quartzsite Food Bank also serves the towns of Cibola, Ehrenberg and Bouse. In the winter months our population explodes with the snowbirds coming here. Most do not use the food bank's services but there are many that do which puts an extra need on the FQFB. 

  Donations from local organizations, businesses, churches, individuals and fundraisers like the annual December Soup & Chowder Contest help raise funds for the operation of FQFB.  We also have some special projects like holiday baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

  We are very appreciative of any contributions to us and announce donations in our local Desert Messenger newspaper, with permission of a donor.  We also have a web page and Facebook page that you can be recognized on. If you have a local newspaper we could include an announcement in it also. 

Please make donations below to help support the food bank.  

What at an interesting year 2017 has been for us.


We started the year out with losing our director of the Food Bank in Quartzsite of many years Carol Kelly. Her passing was a huge loss for us. The wonderful core group of food bank volunteers stepped up to keep the food bank running smoothly.  If not for the volunteers the good bank could not run.

Then in the spring, the county let us know they could not run the food bank any longer. St. Mary's food bank said they would be able to manage Parker and Salome but not Quartzsite. We could not let the food bank close so FQFB board negotiated a deal with the county to administrate it. Jason Moore was appointed the director to manage the day to day operations.

We struggled to make ends meet during the summer but prevailed with the help of local private donors, organizations, and churches.

In November we were able to have a ribbon cutting to celebrate the new sign naming the building Carol's Cupboard.

Came the end of the year and the snowbirds came back, the local organizations opened up and the donations in Quartzsite started coming in. Fundraisers ended the year on a high note!

To Make a Donation to FQFB

Make the check out and mail to:

Friends of the Quartzsite Food Bank

PO Box 4051

Quartzsite, AZ  85359


To Drop Off a Donation at the Quartzsite Food Bank or To Visit


40 Moon Mountain

Tuesday 8-Noon

Thursday 8-Noon

We can use lots of different types of food including:

Canned, Bottled or Packaged Food Items like vegetables, fruit, meat, peanut butter and more.

We also pass out toiletries that are donated like shampoo, soap, toothpaste and brushes and deodorant.



Help Support Our FoodBank

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


February 10


February 23 6pm

QIA BINGO FOOD BANK FUNDRAISER for info 928-927-5479

February 23-24


FUNDRAISER for info 208-317-2315 Oney

Also see Events Page for more info

No upcoming events.

Donors & Volunteers


Local churches like  Quartzsite Community Bible Church,  Covenant Lutheran Church   and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donate to us to help feed people in need. 

Upcoming Events

January 29 our 1st Linedancing Fundraiser at the QIA.

On the second Saturday in December we have the annual Soup & Chowder FundRaiser started by Pam Caskey.


We could not do this without the help of our many volunteers.

Local Organizations

Quartzsite Community Thrift Store, Quartzsite Improvement Association, Art Guild and the Rotary are some of our local organizations that contribute to make Quartzsite a better place. 

Business Donors

Horizon Community Bank, RoadRunner Grocery Store, Lone Star BBQ and Walmart are just some of our business donors.


So many in our area live under the poverty level.  It takes so little to help them have a better life of healthy food.  Many of our donations are from local individuals with a big heart who would rather keep their philanthropy private.  You know who you are and a BIG Thank You to you special people.

Contact Us

To Email

To Write to us:

Friends of the Quartzsite Food Bank

PO Box 4051, Quartzsite, Arizona, 85346

To Drop Off a Donation visit us at the Quartzsite Food Bank or To Visit

40 Moon Mountain

Tuesday 8-Noon

Thursday 8-Noon

To call the Quartzsite Food Bank During Business Hours 928-927-5003 

 To call FQFB 928-927-5479  


You can sign up for food boxes and/or receive donated food.

You can sign up for SNAP (food stamps) on the 3rd Thurs every month.

Food donations can be dropped off these on these days or at anyone of our collections boxes located at RoadRunner Market, Horizon Bank , Dollar General, Silly Al's, Town Hall/Library or the General Store.

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